Mosaic’s Patient Fund: Breaking down barriers

Jul 27, 2023

Submitted by Emily Boynton, Senior Development Officer at Mosaic Community Health.

Image of CHW with groceriesWhat is the Mosaic Patient Fund?

It’s the critical medications Bob can now receive, the beaming smile of Sarah who just received a new pair of glasses or the warm handshake of John who can walk without pain because of new orthotics. The Patient Fund makes these and many more moments possible.

This fund allows our community to survive and thrive. It breaks down barriers to health and wellness for our most vulnerable neighbors. These little things are the BIG things for individuals and families and any gift made today improves the health of our community.

“Otherwise unaffordable, our patients can have access to items that are overall important to improving their health.”

~ Elva, Mosaic Community Health Worker for 20+ years

If you would like to make a difference in the life of someone like Bob, Sarah or John, consider donating to the Patient Fund.

Your donation at work

  • $10 covers the co-pay of a lifesaving medication.
  • $25 covers the shoe inserts for someone who works long hours on their feet to reduce pain.
  • $50 provides food insecure patients with emergency food to get through a weekend.
  • $100 provides a diaper bag full of much needed supplies for new parents.
  • $250 covers ten boxes of hydration packets for ongoing distribution to houseless patients in the heat of summer or ten boxes of hand warmers in winter months.

To learn more about other ways to support Mosaic or to schedule a tour of a health center, please contact us at [email protected] or call 541-323-3860.


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