Anyone can be a Mosaic patient—insured or uninsured, working or unemployed. No matter what your life circumstances are, we believe you deserve quality healthcare.

Accepted coverage

We accept most private/commercial insurances, local OHP (Medicaid) and most Medicare. We also offer a Sliding Scale Reduced Fee Program.

Learn about our Sliding Scale Discount Program

If you would like to be assured of your coverage, please reach out directly to your insurance company for more information. If you would like assistance with contacting your insurance company please reach out to us.

Oregon Health Plan/OHP

Below is a partial list of the Oregon Health Plan/OHP (Medicaid) plans that we accept:

  • DMAP (Open Card)
  • PacificSource Community Solutions
  • Eastern Oregon CCO (Coordinated Care Org)
  • Capitol Dental
  • Advantage Dental
  • ODS Dental
  • DMAP Dental


We accept most Medicare at Mosaic. Please note that some Medicare products share similar names and can be confusing. Reach out to your insurance company to confirm that your plan is accepted.

Private/commercial insurance

At Mosaic we contract with most major insurances, and will bill all insurance companies. 

A partial list of private/commercial insurance plans that we accept:

  • HealthNet Health Plan of Oregon
  • Humana Health Plan
  • Lifewise Health Plan of Oregon
  • MODA Health Plan
  • PacificSource Health Plans
  • Providence Health Plan
  • Regence Blue Cross of Oregon

 Key insurance terms defined

The following definitions for key health insurance terms are provided by

  • Deductible: The amount you owe for covered healthcare services before your health insurance or plan begins to pay.
  • Copayment: An amount you pay as your share of the cost for a medical service or item, like a doctor’s visit.
  • Coinsurance: Your share of the cost for a covered healthcare service, usually calculated as a percentage (like 20%) of the allowed amount for the service.
  • Premium: The amount you pay for your health insurance or plan each month.
  • Network: The doctors, hospitals, and suppliers your health insurer has contracted with to deliver healthcare services to their members.

Visit the glossary for more health insurance definitions.

Insurance FAQs

Is my insurance in-network?

Mosaic participates with many insurance companies, and some are listed on this page. However, most companies have more than one plan and some may be in-network and some might not be. It is the patient’s responsibility to understand their insurance plan benefits and to make sure that their plan covers the services to be received. We encourage our patients to reach out to their insurance company directly to discuss coverage and prevent any financial misunderstandings.

Can Mosaic help me find insurance?

Yes! Mosaic has a team of insurance enrollment specialists who will be more than happy to help anyone find and enroll in Oregon Health Plan (OHP). Call our Enrollment (OHP Coverage) Hotline: 541-647-2717

What do I need to know if I am uninsured and want to come to Mosaic?

Everyone is welcome at Mosaic! If you do not have insurance we can help you find insurance (see above), and we also offer a Sliding Scale Discount Program. If eligible, you may qualify for no charge or reduced costs for healthcare services.

What if I have insurance but still need financial assistance?
Our Sliding Scale Discount Program is open to those with and without insurance. Even if you don’t think you would qualify for the program we encourage you to apply. Submitting the application may open up other opportunities within Mosaic to financially support your care.

OHP Enrollment Assistance

We have a team of insurance enrollment specialists who are able to work with you over the phone to answer your insurance questions, submit your application to the Oregon Health Plan (OHP), and assist with other insurance. Free and available in Spanish.

Call our Enrollment (OHP Coverage) Hotline: 541-647-2717

Sliding Scale Discount Program

Whether you have insurance or not, you may be eligible for our Sliding Scale discount program and qualify for free or reduced healthcare.