Our adult care teams help patients prevent disease, effectively manage chronic conditions and maximize quality of life.
Routine health screenings

We conduct regular screenings and physical exams to monitor health and identify disease early in its development. 

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Chronic condition management

Our primary care providers help adults manage chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension and more. 


Clinical pharmacy

Clinical Pharmacists meet with patients to answer medication questions and help keep chronic conditions in check.

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Prenatal Care
We provide comprehensive prenatal care to expectant parents and our pediatric team cares for newborns and new parents, too. 

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Other care

Other services like dental care, behavioral health care, nutrition assistance and more are available to adult patients based on need.


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COVID-19 Support

Mosaic offers free COVID-19 testing to our patients, and free vaccinations and boosters to anyone in the community. We also have a robust library of COVID-related information that addresses common questions about COVID-19.

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