Medicare Services

Understanding your Medicare options

Are you ready for Medicare?

When you approach the age of 65 you have the opportunity to enroll in a Medicare plan. While Medicare can be confusing, we want to support you in understanding your options. Please see the below checklists (they include resource information) that can help you navigate some important milestones as you turn 65.

Ready for Medicare Checklists

Please note that the timeframe for enrolling in a Medicare plan is called an “enrollment period.” You have a seven-month window around the month you turn 65 to sign up for a Medicare plan. If you miss the window to enroll, your coverage may be delayed, or you could be required to pay fees.

“Welcome to Medicare” Visit

After your 65th birthday and your enrollment in Medicare, we look forward to seeing you at Mosaic for your once-in-a-lifetime “Welcome to Medicare” visit. This 60-minute visit provides a complete assessment of your health and creates an important baseline for future, personalized care with your provider and entire care team. Please call us at 541-383-3005 to schedule your “Welcome to Medicare” visit.

Medicare “Annual Wellness” Visit

Within 12 months of completing your “Welcome to Medicare” visit you are eligible to schedule and complete your “Annual Wellness” visit at Mosaic. You are able to access this important Medicare-covered benefit with no copay or deductible once every year.

Schedule your Annual Wellness visit

Medicare Annual Wellness Visit FAQs

What will happen at my Annual Wellness visit?
This visit is for talking with your care team about your medical history, your risk for certain diseases, the current state of your health and your plan for staying well.

    • We will measure your height, weight and blood pressure.
    • We might refer you for screenings or services outside of the appointment.
    • We will complete screening questionnaires regarding functional status, memory, depression, and home safety.
    • We will discuss end-of-life planning and make a personalized care plan.
    • We would want to schedule another appointment if you are not feeling well or are concerned about a medical problem.
When can I schedule my Annual Wellness visit?
You can receive a Wellness Visit (“Welcome to Medicare”) during the first 12 months you are enrolled in Medicare Part B. You can then schedule an Annual Wellness Visit once a year.
Who pays for the Annual Wellness visit?
Medicare will pay for the Annual Wellness Visit, you will have zero out of pocket expense. You might have a co-pay for some follow-up screening services and visits.
What do I need to bring with me?
  •  A list of the members on your healthcare team including any other physicians.
  • The names of your home health agency and medical equipment supply companies (i.e. oxygen supplier).
  • The names and locations of the pharmacies you use.
  • Please bring a bag with all of the medicines you take, including over-the-counter drugs, vitamins and herbals.
  • A copy of your Advance Directive (if you have one), and your insurance card.

Download Advance Directive form

Medicare Resources

Visit for detailed information about the Medicare health and prescription drug plans in our area. Or call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227). TTY users can call 1-877-486-2048.

Visit to sign up for Medicare online. Or call Social Security at 1-800-772-1213 to sign up for Medicare on the phone.