Healthier Oregon: Free Health Coverage Regardless of Immigration Status

Dec 28, 2022

The Oregon Health Plan (OHP) now offers free health coverage regardless of your immigration status. Even if you are undocumented! OHP covers:

  • Medical care
  • Mental and emotional health
  • Dental services
  • Medications
  • Transportation to medical appointments

As of July 1, 2023, eligibility requirements include people of all ages who live in Oregon who:

Meet income and other criteria

Don’t qualify for full OHP benefits because of immigration status

How to apply:

Call 541-788-4835 to speak with an enrollment specialist in Central Oregon

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: Does applying or receiving OHP benefits affect my immigration status?

No. OHP does not affect your immigration status. OHP is not considered public charge.

I only have emergency coverage through the state of Oregon. Do I qualify for full benefits?

If you are between the ages of 0-25 or 55 and older and meet all other eligibility requirements, you will automatically be approved for full benefits.

What are the income limits to qualify?

OHP eligibility is based on gross monthly income. Call 541-788-4835 for more information.

If I don’t qualify, what are my options?

There are clinics in Central Oregon that offer free or low-cost medical services depending on your income. For more information contact the following organizations:

Mosaic: 541-383-3005 or Volunteers in Medicine: 541-330-9001

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