Brian Sullivan, MD

Doctor of Medicine (MD)
Brian Sullivan
Primary Area of Expertise

Family Primary Care





If people knew what a privilege it is to work in community health, the field would be too competitive to accommodate me.

“Working at the community level brings the greatest health benefits to the greatest number of people in need.” – CDC

“[the availability of] Primary care is by far the most significant variable related to better health status, correlating with lower overall mortality, fewer deaths from heart disease and cancer, and a host of other beneficial health outcomes” – JAMA 1994

“adding 10 primary care physicians has a 250% greater influence on life expectancy than an equivalent bump in specialists” – based on US mortality rates from 2005-2015. JAMA Network 

Prior to medical school, I worked in various forms of social support, counseling, and family advocacy. I have been a physician in Community Health Centers for over 15 years, and I cannot imagine working anywhere else.

I am an avid biker and skier. When too sore to ride, I play mediocre guitar for my two children. I dream that one day I will be able to write creatively in English and tell passable jokes in Spanish.

Other Areas of Expertise

  • Birth Control
  • Chronic Disease
  • Family Planning
  • Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Disease
  • Promotion of Optimal Physical and Mental Health
  • STD Management

Additional Areas of Interest

  • Everything
  • Empowering patients to act on behalf of their health


  • Board Certified Family Medicine Physician (American Board of Family Practice)
  • DATA 2000 Waivered for Buprenorphine


  • Family Medicine Residency, University of Utah
  • Doctor of Medicine (MD), University of Massachusetts