In Memory of Joyce Tucker

Mar 18, 2022

Headshot of Mosaic patient board member Joyce Tucker

Joyce Tucker
(Oct. 30, 1953-Mar. 12, 2022)

It is with great sadness that we share that longtime Mosaic patient board member (and Mosaic family member) Joyce Tucker recently passed away at the age of 68. For the last 16 years Joyce was an active and valued volunteer member of our board of directors, serving on multiple committees and in leadership roles. It is estimated that Joyce attended at least 178 Mosaic board meetings over the years, more than any other individual!

Throughout her life Joyce met challenges head on, and with humor. Although she became blind in her early adulthood, Joyce always focused her energy on helping others. Her intelligence, forthrightness, reliability and consistency—along with her astute insights—contributed greatly to our Mosaic family and to our greater community. Joyce leaves behind a lasting legacy that all of us at Mosaic will continue living out through our mission and our work.

Joyce developed many deep, long-term friendships and the Mosaic team was her family. “Feisty” Joyce was fun to be around, and she was well-loved. The Mosaic board of directors and leadership team participated in a remembrance activity in which they were asked to share Joyce’s outstanding qualities:

“She was the most inspiring and persevering woman I know. She never let anyone or anything stop her. When she wanted to do something, she would do it, despite anything that stood in her way. She managed to convince the dean at her school to let her keep taking courses there despite their doubts she could be a successful student because of her vision. She proved them all wrong and graduated with two degrees. She really was an incredible person.”

“Her sense of purpose was amazing. She was a gift to Mosaic…”

“Her ability to create and maintain community was profound.”

“She was not afraid to speak up!”

“She was an amazing board member.  A little rough, but true and honest.”

“The power of Joyce’s voice. Her boldness.”

“Her memory was incredible!” 

“She loved the maple bars!”

“She was unstoppable!”

“Courageous: always came from her heart”

“Smart and selfless”

We wish to extend our gratitude to the teams at the St. Charles Intensive Care Unit and Partners in Care hospice house, who cared so compassionately for Joyce at the end of her life. Special thanks also to Steve Strang, CFO for his role in supporting Joyce during her final days, and to the other Mosaic staff members (current and former) who reached out to Joyce to share love and comfort.

The board and leadership team are reviewing options for a way to permanently honor Joyce and her contributions to our organization and community. More information will be shared as it is available.



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