Health Screenings: Stay Current, Stay Healthy

Feb 3, 2021

Health Screenings guest blog post author: Brooke Williams, Population Health Specialist III at Mosaic

Illustration of provider and patientThe COVID-19 pandemic has caused many patients to fall behind on important health screenings. We want to take this opportunity to help you get caught back up.

Let’s start by answering some common questions:

What is a health screening?

Health screenings are tests that help to identify if you have or are at risk of developing a disease or health condition. If a disease is caught early, it is often easier to treat.

How do I know which screenings are recommended for me?

The recommended screenings vary by age, gender, and family health history. Here is a general table listing common screenings for adults. The table includes how often they are recommended, and for who. Please note that your doctor may recommend these screenings more often if you are at a higher risk based on symptoms, your health history, or your family’s health history.

Screening Frequency Gender  Age  
Blood Pressure Once yearly Everyone 18+
High Cholesterol Once yearly Everyone 40-75
Depression/Anxiety Once yearly Everyone 18+
Fall Risk Once yearly Everyone 65+
Prostate Cancer Once every two years Men with a prostate 55-69
Diabetes Once every three years Everyone overweight or obese 40-70
Mammogram Once every two years Women 50-74
Bone Density Scan (DEXA) Once Women 65+
Colorectal Cancer Screening
Colonoscopy Once every 10 years Everyone 50-75
Flexible Sigmoidoscopy Once every five years Everyone 50-75
FIT test Once yearly Everyone 45-75
Cervical Cancer Screening
Pap Once every three years Women with a cervix 21-30
Pap w/HPV Once every five years Women with a cervix 30-65


What do health screenings cost?

Most insurances cover screenings, but it is always a good idea to check with your insurance plan prior to completing a test to verify coverage. If you don’t have insurance or your insurance plan does not cover the screening, we may have resources available to get screenings completed at reduced or no cost to you.

Is it safe to complete these screenings during the COVID-19 pandemic?

We recognize that some of these screenings are completed through our community partners, St. Charles and Central Oregon Radiology. We want to assure you that these community partners are also taking all of the necessary precautions to keep patients safe.

Have questions? Check out the links below for more information. You can also reach out to your Mosaic care team via MyChart.

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